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Re: Replacement Shocks/Struts for '84 5000S FI

>From: skchen@attmail.com
>Date: 23 Feb 93 19:31:44 GMT
>First of all -- Would it be required for me to replace shocks only
>of does the "struts" needs to be replaced as well??  What would be reasons
>to replace the struts??
I did this a 5 years ago on my 82 4000S. I got Bilstein shocks
and am very pleased. Even after 5 years they are still performing
well. They are expensive, but worth it if you plan to keep the
car a while. If the struts are in good shape(i.e., not bent, etc)
you just replace the guts of the struts with the Bilstein insert.

>Secondly, I plan to have my local trusty mechanic do this job, so
>I wanted to have a pretty good idea of how much to pay... He has already
>quoted me somewhere between $800-1000 for this task, therefore I've
>been a litle hesistant to give him the go-ahead before I check with
>the collective wisdom.
On my 4000, I was able to do each side in about 1 hour. Your mechanic
should be able to beat me handily since his tools, etc should be much
better. I believe the 5000S suspension is similar(at least my 1990 200 looks
very similar)

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