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Re: Replacement Shocks/Struts for '84 5000S FI

Well, my system crashed in the middle of responding to this, so I
hope you all didn't get a chopped-off version previuos to this....

I would suggest using the OEM Boge replacement struts. They can be
had via mail-order for like $50-75 each. You could also go with Koni
adjustable struts in the $100-150 each range. The Boges should be
fine for normal road use. You ought to be able to get them
installed in the $50-75 per corner price range if you shop around.
A considerable savings over the $800-1000 you were quoted!
Also, people use the terms "shock" and "strut" somewhat
interchangably, although this is not technically correct.
You either have struts -or- shocks at etiher end of the car
but not both at either the F or R. Quattros have struts F & R.


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