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Replacement Shocks/Struts for '84 5000S FI

Ref:  Note from skchen AT attmail.com (attached)

Stop!  $800 to $1000 is WAAAAAAY TOO MUCH!

With the Proper Audi Tools, a good mechanic can replace the strut
cartridges without removing the strut from the automobile.
It should take him no more than 45 minutes per side.

Koni inserts sell for about $93 each from Eurotire in New Jersey

>econdly, I plan to have my local trusty mechanic do this job, so
> wanted to have a pretty good idea of how much to pay... He has already
>uoted me somewhere between $800-1000 for this task, therefore I've
>een a litle hesistant to give him the go-ahead before I check with
>he collective wisdom.

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