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Re: Replacement Shocks/Struts for '84 5000S FI

> From: "John Gong" <jgong@us.oracle.com>
> Content-Length: 1695
> I had Bilstein Sports installed on an '88 80 a while back and they were way
> too stiff.  I replaced them with Boge Turbos and am very pleased.  They're
> matched with Eibach progressive rate springs.  The ride is sportier than stock,
> but is a good balance with comfort.
> $800 is pricey.  Assuming each corner should cost no more than $100 (discounted,
> averages, as rear shocks cost less than front strut inserts) for 
> Bilsteins or roughly $70 each per Boge, that's about $280-400 for the goods.
> I paid $150 labor  to have all four corners done, but the 5000 might be more
> labor intensive.  So assume $250 max.  Then add a 4-wheel alignment for
> $75 or 2-wheel alignment for about $45.  We're still below $800 with
> Bilsteins.  But your mechanic may have a policy of charging full list
> price, thus bringing up the fee accordingly.  Definitely insist on premium
> shocks, like Bilstein or Koni, at his prices.  Boges are a good choice.
> I'd stay away from KYB's or Monroes, Gabriel's, etc. as they will not be
> engineered for your car.

I've had excellent results with KYB's, especially if you Autox occassionally
but still want to have a comfortable ride for the street.

Could you elaborate on how the KYB's are not engineered for his car?

I wouldn't even compare KYB's to Monroes or Gabriels.  In fact from
my experiences using KYB's, they are a grade above Boges.  KYB's
are gas filled and have a lifetime warranty like Bilstiens but are
far less expensive.  

I agree that Bilstein sports and Konis are too stiff for the street.
And that Boges are a good choice, but I would consider KYB's to 
be an equal or better choice.  What is the warranty on the Boges?

thanks, (sorry to dissagree)

> At 77K, I'd replace all four corners.
>         John
> > It has about 77K miles on it, and we're still the original owner of the car.
> > I looking for some advice on type and prices...
> > First of all -- Would it be required for me to replace shocks only
> > of does the "struts" needs to be replaced as well??  What would be reasons
> > to replace the struts??
> > Secondly, I plan to have my local trusty mechanic do this job, so
> > I wanted to have a pretty good idea of how much to pay... He has already
> > quoted me somewhere between $800-1000 for this task, therefore I've
> > been a litle hesistant to give him the go-ahead before I check with
> > the collective wisdom.

; Carl DeSousa