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Re: Climate Control Problem

i also have a semi-screwy climate control on the v8.. but not as bad
as the one described.  on a cold startup, it will not stop heating the
interior until waaaay past the set temp.  what i have to do with a
cold engine is to lower the set temp. from 75 to 70 or so then it will
be fine.  after 10 miles or so it will start admitting cold air.
that's when i have to bump it up to 75 again.  on a warm engine, it
works great.  i used econ by the way.. the v8 hates a/c at low rpms..
that's where all its criticisms of lack of low end originate.

btw, the european audi v8s have exactly the same ugly climate control and
all.  i guess the lesser models do without completely.  i wished it was
only an option.. i hate the thing.

the mechanic told me quite candidly that climate control is a pain in
the ass to fix.  i watched him go through the entire debug sequence and
found nothing wrong.. grrrr.

good news though.  the newer audis.. i.e. 90V6, S4, 100V6 etc have a
brand new climate control system.. aside from the beautiful controls,
the insides are entirely new.. it is no longer vacuum operated but
fully electric motor driven, from what i've been told.  can the old
cars be upgraded to this?  not without considerable expense and
complication, was the answer.