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Replacement Shocks/Struts for '84 5000S FI

Hello Audi Enthusiasts,

I've been a subscriber of this list about two months, but I havn't see
anyone asking this question, so here goes...

The time has come for me to replace the shocks in my 84 5000S
Automatic (non-turbo), you know, the famous one...

It has about 77K miles on it, and we're still the original owner of the car.
I looking for some advice on type and prices...

First of all -- Would it be required for me to replace shocks only
of does the "struts" needs to be replaced as well??  What would be reasons
to replace the struts??

Secondly, I plan to have my local trusty mechanic do this job, so
I wanted to have a pretty good idea of how much to pay... He has already
quoted me somewhere between $800-1000 for this task, therefore I've
been a litle hesistant to give him the go-ahead before I check with
the collective wisdom.

The car still runs like a champ, and I am hoping to keep this car for a few 
more years (say 150K+ miles). So I am looking for longevity and durability --
it doesn't have to corner like a sports car -- and i dont expect it to do so
with all that weight in the front...

Please send your replies here.   Thank you very much.

Scott Chen
E-mail address internet!attmail!skchen