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re: Euro wastegate spring

You CANNOT disconnect the vacuum/boost line to the computer  because
the computer varies the amount of ignition advance relative to the
detected vacuum/boost level. You'll get terrible mileage and
throttle response in normal  driving and terrible detonation
under boost and very likely grenade that nice 5-cylinder engine
all over the 'bahn. DONT DO IT! Get the computer mod done right.

An alternative to AI's mod might be _Superchips_. They claim to
have a 260HP chip available. I don't know anything about the
Superchips stuff. I've tried to contact them to find out if a new
WG spring and higher boost is part of their mod (it must be),
but, I can't get them to return ny calls.

I have had GREAT results with the IA mod, asmuch as 1 sec of the
1/4 mile time as measured at NED in NH.


vorsprung durch technik