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Front Brakes Sticking, Fuel Pump Noise

You should check the brake pedal play and make sure it is not sticking or
hanging up. The return port in the master cylinder could be clogged with crud,
the front rubber brake hoses can swell up and restrict the fluid return, the
caliper mounting bushings could be corroded and prevent the pads from moving
freely. I have also seen some after-market cruise control systems cause the
brake pedal from returning  as well. Does your car have ABS? The return port
in the hydraulic power booster could be restricted also.

Concerning the fuel pump noise. I assume the fuel filter was replaced when you
had the pump changed. The electric fuel pumps get very noisy as the filter gets
clogged. There is also a fuel pressure dampener (sp) mounted at the outlet
of the fuel pump. The service bulletins mention a new version and using two
washers between it and the outlet hose. I recently replaced the fuel pump at
115K on my 86 5000CS Turbo and noticed the extra copper washer. My pump is
a little noisey when the outside temp is lower than 40 degrees F. The pump
is clamped inside a rubber holder which slides down onto three mounting pins
inside the tank. There was also a problem with a protective coating inside
the tank coming loose and clogging the inlet screen on the pump. I thought
they changed the coating in the later cars. I will check the bulletins and
verify what years were affected. Hope this helps.