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Euro wastegate spring

I have read the old postings about the computer mods/wastegate spring
for the Audi turbos and I was wondering if the Euro wastegate spring for
the 1986 5000CS Turbos can be purchased seperately without getting the
computer mods done. 

I live near a low-cost Audi parts house in Portland, Oregon. Their name
is Halsey Import Parts, 7721 N.E. Halsey, 1-800-792-0081. Their Fax number
is (503) 256-3155. They sell parts for VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and
most japanese cars. Allmost all of their Audi parts are made in germany.
I purchased the following german made parts for my 1986 5000CS Turbo
Hydraulic lifters $13.75 each. New Plastic radiator $210. New water pump $50
Bosche Fuel Filter $13, Mineral Oil $12/liter, Hydraulic clutch master
cylinder (ATE) $42, Slave cylinder $25. They don't always have the part I
need, but carry most parts that wear out on a regular basis. They will send
parts UPS C.O.D if anyone is interested. I am
a former VW dealership mechanic who now works as a electrical engineer. I
hope I can provide some useful information on repairing Audis in the future.
Scott Mockry