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Service Manual for Audi 100

I'm new to this E-mail group, my name is Scott Mockry
I own a 1986 5000CS Turbo. Does everyone know about the Service bulletins
and Service Manuals available from Audi on microfiche? The Audi Dealer
has a form you can mail in or you can call a 1-800 number to get a list
of literature available. You can go to your local library to view the
bulletins and print out copies if you want a hard copy. Used microfiche
readers are also available from surplus stores. You can also purchase
the parts microfiche from the dealer. Paper copies of the service bulletins
can be ordered from Audi but they are about $4 each. The entire set for
each model car can be purchased on microfiche for about $20. I am currently
reading the old postings from this group. The information is very interesting.
I think I'm turning into a full fledged Audi Nut!!!. I hope to buy a Quattro
in the future.