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Good mechanic in NY?


 I'm new to this mail echo, and I'm just saying "hi".

I have a 1988 90 Quattro, which has given me little trouble (and lots of
driving pleasure) over the last 5 years.  Recently (I just turned 50K)
 all kinds of problems have been cropping up...

Here in NYC, Audi repair shops want $65-$75/hour to work on my car.  This
is acceptable for major work which I want done well, but for simple
things (like replacing a blown dashboard bulb -- $100 with labor!!)
I'd rather find a more modest mechanic.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent mechanic/garage in the
NY tri-state area??

Also, what is the best shop manual for the 90Q's?  From the mail I've
read, the Bentley guides suck.  To defray costs, I'd like to try my
hand (with some experienced friend's help) to undertake some maintenance

**Roger Kaplan