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On my 86 Coupe GTi (Drums on back) I have had this problem with the brakes for
about 2 months now, and I have carried out various tasks to try and solve it.
The brakes slowly fill with air, and the first time it happend my brakes just
packed up alltogther. I was told that the master cylinder was most likely
knackered so I replaced it for 60Lbs. I bled all four brakes and then went
The brakes were then fine, but over about the space of a week, they faded
again (you have to push the pedel futher and futher in to make the brakes
work), when I bled them they were full of air again so I went around each
wheel in turn and checked the brake calipers. I could not find any fluid
anywhere, bit that I expected to anyway as the fluid in the bottle had not
gone down. This was now starting to get annoying so after another two 'bleeds'
I checked all the calipers agian. This time (on the drums) i pressed the
calipers together and on one side they went in and fluid came out from the
side. So I have now had that caliper changed. 
AAAArrrrggghhh nightmare....the bloody things have started to go again.
Anyone got anymore ideas as to how the air is getting into the system?

Many thanks....



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