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Question on Fuel Pump


I have an 88 5000Q with about 55K. A few months ago, I had the fuel pump
replaced due to the infamous buzzing noise that could be heard outside the car.
After it was replaced at the dealer, I started to drive it home but it died on
the highway. The dealer towed it back and installed another one. They said that
something similar had happened before. Bad parts I guess.

The second one that they installed makes a whirring/gurgling sound that is
quite noticeable inside the car. I brought it in a few weeks ago and asked
about this, and they said that this is the normal sound. I was in a hurry so I
didn't press the point at that time.

I recall several people here who have had their fuel pumps replaced here and
was wondering if you hear the whirring/gurgling sound from your fuel pump.

Michael Moy
Digital Equipment Corporation
Nashua, NH