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Re: How to diagnos brake sticking..

> > From ti@bazooka.amb.org Thu Feb 25 01:15:23 1993
> > I had the same symptoms with my 84 5000 Turbo.  I had a new master cylinder
> > installed (which was needed), but the problem still persisted.  After
> > some diagnosis at the Audi dealer, it was determined that the Brake pressure
> > accumulator was bad.  This was a very expensive part at $425.  There
> > was a pressure hose that leads to this accumulator that needed replacement
> > also.  I don't know if you have the same problem that I had, but in my
> > case after replacing these parts my problems were fixed.
> > -Ti

> Hello  -Ti,
> Could you clarify the Brake Pressure Accumulator.  Is this the one that 
> accumulate the power steering/brake fluid?  (mineral oil) ... It looks like
> a round ball about 5 inches and it is located underneath the engine mount
> on the driver side?   Or is it some other brake fluid accumulator.

Yes, that's the brake pressure accumulator that I was talking about.