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Re: Exhaust

> The exhaust on my 86 Audi Coupe GTi (2ltr) is coming to the end of its life
> and I looking to replace it with something else other than the standard
> exhaust. What I really want is an exhaust that not only looks good (from the
> back.....twin pipes? ) but also sounds good as well.

I don't know what performance exhausts are available to you, but if one of
these is ANSA, don't buy it.  I have had dreadful experiences with ANSA
mufflers.  They are loud, but don't really add any performance.  Worse,
they rust through after about a year.  Although ANSA is cheaper than the
other performance exhausts, at this rate, they are actually a very expensive

I am currently running a Leistritz muffler (originally intended for a
VW Scirocco/Rabbit, but modified with additional hangers and welded on
a different inlet pipe to fit an 1980 Audi 4000 (Audi 80 for you across
the pond).  My car is a 4-cylinder (so are the VWs in the original
application), so the conversion is appropriate.  The exhaust note is a bit
throatier and louder than stock, but not as extreme as the ANSA.  The
Leistritz system actually did provide a minor boost to the low-end torque
of the engine.  So far, the Leistritz also has proven to have much better
longevity than the ANSA as well.  I have had it for almost two years and
there is no trace of rust.

The Leistritz muffler does not have chrome/twin pipes, but it
does have a nice, big black oval pipe that looks purposeful.  Also,
the black pipe does not tarnish over time, unlike chrome.

I understand that Gillet and Sebring also make good performance exhausts,
but I don't know if they make an application for the Audi 80/Coupe.
You might want to look into these...

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