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Re: Audi cold-weather stuff

Hairy green toads from Mars made John Gong say:

> I for one would love to hear the gory details.  I just came back from a day
> of skiing with a buddy.  His Jetta has the ski bag and it was just wonderful 
> not hearing the whizzing of the overhead rack and skis over your head.  My
> car is an '88  80 and I believe there was a winter package for those cars,
> so I'd think that I could perform the mods as you've just done.

As I recall, the 80/90 had to be ordered with the ski bag from
the factory, as the gas tank is vertical between the trunk and the
back seat. This means that you'd have to either cut a hole through
the tank, or install a new tank from a bag-equipped model. Either
way, not fun.

I would be interested in hearing about the seat upgrade, though.
The heated seats in my '89 100Q are dead, and the dealer wants $$$
to even diagnose the problem. It might be easier to replace the heaters.


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