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FWD: Re: How do you change audi 4k air filter?

>> From: haroon@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Muhammad Ahmed)
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>> Subject: Re:  How do you change audi 4k air filter?
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>> Well I dont know about the 4000, but the 86 5000 is pretty
>> simple to change, takes about 20 mins.
>I have both cars and the difference is space.  You're right, on the 5000
>its not an issue, but the extra length of the 5cylinder motor in the 
>smaller/shorter 4000 engine bay, makes it a bear.  
>I deal with it by loosening all that I can without loosening any
>of the fuel fittings.  Then with a significant amount of pressure
>upwards on the assembly, combined with a rolling motion, you can barely 
>slide out/in the air filter.  This is probably why I only do this once 
>a year. :)
>Carl DeSousa

I find that removing the right headlamp assembly allows access to the 
air filter area, making the job of changing the filter on a 4000Q much

Richard McIntyre