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Re: How to change air filter on Audi 4k

> Does anyone have info or experience on changing
> the air filter on the 1986 Audi 4000s?
> I did it last year -- but it involved bending the top
> cover with its attachment of hoses, pipes, etc into
> angles and twist that Audi could not have intended. 
> Even after this i had to crumble :*)  (partialy) the
> air filter, and squeeze it into chamber.  Is there
> a simpler safer way?  I would rather go to the dealer with
> this simple operation than risk damaging my engine
> attachments.

Hehehe... The air filter on Audi engines are hard to get to.

On the 4 cylinder models, though, the trick is to unclip the
bottom half of the plastic air box and detach it from the mount
on the body (there is a single metal clip that holds the box
bottom in place).  Install the filter into the bottom half and
then put everything back together.  Be sure to seat the box bottom
properly, there are protrusions from the bottom of the box that
needs to mate in rubber-grommetted holes on the body.

On the 5-cylinder models, the air box opens sideways, but there is
typically very little room to open it wide enough to put a new
filter in without damaging it (this is especially true on Turbo
models).  The trick is also to remove the side cover, but this is a
bit more involved because the intake air hose must be disconnected.

One of the worse parts is to put all the clips back on.  Some of
the clips are in rather inaccessible places, and you'll need to
reach then with some contortions.  Just change the filter when
the engine is cold, so there are no hot manifolds and other engine
parts to burn you...

Good luck and have fun.  Just don't curse too loudly :-).

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