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Quattro questions

Tom Huschilt (tomhu@metrics.com once he gets his modem working again) asked
me to post a few questions to the list.  Hope someone out there has the

- Are there any good mail-order sources for engine rebuild parts (for a '83
  Quattro)?  Anything less expensive than the dealer?

- Does anyone sell stainless steel mufflers for the Quattro?  How much do
  they sell for?

- Has anyone seen a Quattro/Coupe/4000 instrument panel replacement, which
  extends the panel about 8" further to the right, adding space for three
  small VDO gauges in the main panel?  Tom saw one in a Quattro he was
  looking at, but the owner didn't know where it had come from.

(Oh yes, he's thinking about buying a second Quattro; someone is selling an
'83 Red/Oyster leather with 85K miles for about $9500, but the price appears
quite negotiable.  Unfortunately the engine is quite tired...)


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