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Re: Quattro questions

> - Has anyone seen a Quattro/Coupe/4000 instrument panel replacement, which
>   extends the panel about 8" further to the right, adding space for three
>   small VDO gauges in the main panel?  Tom saw one in a Quattro he was
>   looking at, but the owner didn't know where it had come from.

I have one of these in my 4000.  I bought it years ago from ABT Motorsport
(the outfit in Mission Viejo, CA. that went defunct a few years ago).
There are other ABT importers now, Europart and J&T comes to mind (they
both advertise in the European Car magazone), so those are places to try.
Actually, the instrument panel is an Audi factory part, used on many
rally 80/4000 quattros in the mid 80s.  I don't have the part number handy
as it is stamped on the inside of the panel, and I am not about to go
tear it apart right now.  Perhaps it could be ordered from Audi?

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