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Poor Lighting

<My night vision is getting worse, and despite putting halogen bulbs in my
<'88 5000 CS turbo (not quattro), I still need more light.  Any suggestions
<for what add-on lights I should buy and where to get them?  About how much
<should I expect to pay, and can I install them myself (I have a Bentley
<manual set) or should I leave that to someone with experience (I have little)?

I installed the 70/80W halogen bulbs in my 1986 5000CS Turbo which improved
the lighting coverage over the standard 45/65W bulbs. The lights still leave a
bit to be desired. The bosch Euro headlamps sound like the way to go if you
can afford them. I did install some PIAA 959 ion crystal fog lights which
do a great job of illuminating the front and sides of the road during heavy
rain, snow or fog. They are 85 watts each and project a flat beam of light
unlike any other light I have seen. Mounting them under the bumper was a
little tricky and they ended up sticking out further than I wanted. They cost
around $200 for the pair and come with a nice relay and wiring harness with
a lighted on/off switch. I would recommend installing relays to control any
higher wattage bulbs you install.  I measured a 1.0 volt drop from the
battery to the stock 45/65W bulbs which do not use relays to control them.