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Climate (Lack of) Control

> Has anybody else experienced the same problem. Is it just a flaky
> connector? I cleaned the connector on the climate control
> itself but without luck. Since the temp gauge is acting up
> as well I also suspect the 4 wire temp sender in the engine
> compartment. Any ideas?

>the climate control has quite a rich set of diagnostics that you can
>perform.  in my case it was traced to a temperature regulating motor
>that controls the air blending flap.

My 1986 5000CS Turbo climate control also occasionally blows warm air out
the center vent even though the temperature is set to 65 or 60 degrees.
It usually occurs when in ECON mode but sometimes occurs even when in
A/C mode (LO, AUTO or HI). My guess is that the flap that closes off the
air flow through the heater core is not closed all the way. (This sounds
like the air blending flap that eliot mentioned). I believe this flap
is controlled by a cable that comes from the main controller located
behind the glove box. I tried turning off the ignition to reset the
system when it acted up and "surprise" now it works! (Thanks Michael)
The heater control valve (hot water) and the Fresh air/Recirculation flap
vacuum servo are connected together with the same vacuum hose and they
both are working when the system is set to 60 degrees in Lo, Auto, or HI.
I hope to take a closer look at the system this weekend. The early 1986
5000 (pre 10/85 ) do not have the digital climate control system that has
the diagnostic system. The digital systems have the independent up/down
fan speed control and the BI-Leval mode whereas my 9/85 system has only
the OFF, ECON, LO, AUTO, HI, DEF settings with no independent control
over the fan speed. Just my luck!  There is a service bulletin for 1985-
1988 5000 cars that recommends installing a OIL TRAP/FILTER in the main
vacuum line to prevent engine oil from getting into the main controller.
There is also a bulletin that mentions tightening the electrical connector
at the main controller. I'll let you know if I find the source of the problem.
(P.S. My coolant temp gauge is not acting up at this time)