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Re: oil change in a new S4

> I have ~3K miles on a 4 month old S4.  The manual clearly states that
> the 1st oil change is to be at 7.5K miles.
Some mechanics say that any metal bits that are going to come off
will do so in the first 100 miles or so.

Doing the first oil change early would be well worth it.
If it was my car I would change the oil and filter twice before
the first 7.5k service and then switch to synthetic and follow the manual.
> I have always watched the oil level and changed filter/oil at somewhere
> between 5K and 10K miles.  I have never had any engine problems, but

Sounds okay.

> One Dealer that I called said it is better to wait than change the oil
> 'early'.  His reasoning was that there is special "break-in oil" that,
> if change to non break-in oil, will prolong the break-in period.

Special 'break-in oil'. - HA

In MO  special break-in oil = normal oil,
           non break-in oil = synthetic oil.

Not a good idea to break-in with synthetic oil.

BTW I use Mobile 1 (I think it's the best) and change it at the recommended

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