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oil change in a new S4

   > I have ~3K miles on a 4 month old S4.  The manual clearly states that
   > the 1st oil change is to be at 7.5K miles.
   > ...
   > 'early'.  His reasoning was that there is special "break-in oil" that,
   > if change to non break-in oil, will prolong the break-in period.

   doesn't a prolonged break in period also mean prolonged engine life?
   i though audi stopped using break in oil years ago.. sometime in
   85-86.  during that time, the break in oil had to be changed at 1K.

After I rebuilt my Lotus engine, the local Lotus Guru (Tingle's Lotus)
suggested running 20-weight (break-in) Castrol for the first few hundred
miles ("but remember you're running a thin oil so don't push it!") to
accelerate the "break in", then change to the normal 20/50 (or 10/40 
since that engine was *tight*). I also bought a drain-plug with a little
magnet in it. Absolutely amazing the amount of metal it glommed onto!