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Re: How do you change audi 4k air filter?

>Does anyone have info or experience on changing
>the air filter on the 1986 Audi 4000s?

>I did it last year -- but it involved bending the top
>cover with its attachment of hoses, pipes, etc into
>angles and twist that Audi could not have intended. 
>Even after this i had to crumble :*)  (partialy) the
>air filter, and squeeze it into chamber.  Is there
>a simpler safer way?  I would rather go to the dealer with
>this simple operation than risk damaging my engine

I have not changed mine myself, but I understand that you must remove
the fuel injection stuff from the top of the filter box to get at it.
(The fuel injection stuff is what you refer to as "attachment of hoses pipes

Roger (1986 4000QS)