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Re: Not enough light

>From: Mark Gooley <mgooley@advtech.uswest.com>
>My night vision is getting worse, and despite putting halogen bulbs in my
>'88 5000 CS turbo (not quattro), I still need more light.  Any suggestions
>for what add-on lights I should buy and where to get them?  About how much
>should I expect to pay, and can I install them myself (I have a Bentley
>manual set) or should I leave that to someone with experience (I have little)?

I agree.  The light from the single-bulb halogen headlights in my
'88 90 Quattro is pitiful.  The (standard) driving lights help
a bit, but I still get jittery driving back roads at night whose
road paint has faded or is hidden beneath winter schmutz.

I would love to have the headlight cleaner jets that come on the '89+

Will upping the wattage of the headlights have an adverse effect on
the electrical system?? 

Roger Kaplan