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90 Q. or 100 Quattro ???

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> From Thomas_Jobs@novell.com Fri Mar 19 17:32:12 1993
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> Subject: 90 Q. or 100 Quattro ???
> Date: Fri, 19 Mar 93 08:24:00 MST
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> I am not sure if I should buy a 1989 90 q. or 100 quattro.  Is there some 
> information floating around that would help me to make up my mind?

I have a 1988 90Q.  When I bought it,  I test drove the '87 5000, which
they were giving away (the 100 replaced the 5000 in '88).

If you want a fun car to drive, get the 90.  If you want a family car,
get the 100.

I have 2 complaints about my car:

1) It could use more horsepower, and have the lower gear ratios changed.
It can be very slow off the line.
I think the 1990 models upped the engine.  It can be embarrassing 
being beaten from a stop sign by a Honda.  At 75 MPH is a different
story, however...

2) The trunk is tiny.

Other than these complaints, I have a lot of fun with my 90Q.