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RE: 90 Q. or 100 Quattro ???

I would be the second to vote for the 90Q.

It has same Engine as the Quattro Coupe, and is slightly lighter, so will be
more nimble all-around, get better MPG, etc. than the 100Q would ever be.

I have the Quattro Coupe and have driven the 100Q and the Coupe eats it for
lunch in Fahrvergnuegen terms...  But... check into the rubber at the corners
to make sure it's got wide paws and not wimpy ones like 175's they put on
the 80's...

Price?  Hard to say, but probably the 100Q will be more.  Insurance will
probably be a wash depending on your locale. Reliability, also probably a

Evaluate your priorities.... Then decide... they're both good cars.



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I am not sure if I should buy a 1989 90 q. or 100 quattro.  Is there some 
information floating around that would help me to make up my mind?

My concerns are:

-maintenance cost
-service record

Is there anybody out there who could help me with some good information to 
make up my mind?  Also, what is a good price?  I have an offer for an '89 
100 quattro (leather, sunroof, 39K) for $12000.  Any info would be greatly 
Thanks, Thomas (from Germany)