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oil change in a new S4

I have ~3K miles on a 4 month old S4.  The manual clearly states that
the 1st oil change is to be at 7.5K miles.

Since this question has probably been discussed in excruciating
detail, could please briefly someone summarize the different 
theories ?

I have been of the belief that many folks change their oil as often as
they do because they can and that it gives them a warm-fuzzy that
their taking gook care of their car.

I have always watched the oil level and changed filter/oil at somewhere
between 5K and 10K miles.  I have never had any engine problems, but
then again, I've never had a car with 100K+ miles before.

One Dealer that I called said it is better to wait than change the oil
'early'.  His reasoning was that there is special "break-in oil" that,
if change to non break-in oil, will prolong the break-in period.

OK, le'me have it.....