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Re: not enough light

>My night vision is getting worse, and despite putting halogen bulbs in my
>'88 5000 CS turbo (not quattro), I still need more light.  Any suggestions
>for what add-on lights I should buy and where to get them?  About how much
>should I expect to pay, and can I install them myself (I have a Bentley
>manual set) or should I leave that to someone with experience (I have little)?
HI Mark,

Didn't you just put the Intended Acceleration chip in ? is it possible
that your'e just outrunning your lights now :-) (just kidding)  seriously
now, I had a pair of driving lights on a 84 Mustang GT.  They definitely 
helped, The only problem was that they shutoff automatically when you put
the high beams on.  If you install them I would suggest a completeley
separate switch that is not related to the low or high beams.

Just my .02

Mike La Rosa Computervision Corp