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Re: not enough light

>From: Mark Gooley <mgooley@advtech.uswest.com>
>Message-Id: <9303172225.AA00251@agni.advtech.uswest.com>
>To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
>Subject: not enough light
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>My night vision is getting worse, and despite putting halogen bulbs in my
>'88 5000 CS turbo (not quattro), I still need more light.  Any suggestions
>for what add-on lights I should buy and where to get them?  About how much
>should I expect to pay, and can I install them myself (I have a Bentley
>manual set) or should I leave that to someone with experience (I have little)?

I just got European replacement headlights for my 1990 200. They have an H4
bulb for hi/lo on each side and an additional H3 for hi beam. I have not
installed them yet, but it looks straight forward. According to the Bentley
manual, you should only have to remove some trim and the grill as I recall.
They cost $660.00 (ouch!!) from a place in Buffalo, NY who gets Bosch stuff
at a major discount (according to them). If you want the name, I can get it
for you - I don't have it at work. I don't know if the lights on the 200 are
the same as on your car. The 200 has the wider, shorter light set; the lights
on a 100 are probably cheaper because of fewer bulbs, etc.

Hope this helps

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