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RE: climate control out of control

> Since a few weeks I got a problem with my climate control in
> an Audi 5000 CS Turbo '86. It works fine after a cold start.
> But if I drive for a few miles, stop the engine and restart
> it after a few minutes to continue my trip the climate control
> acts up. Although it still shows 70 F it heats up constantly.
> Even lowering the input to the minimal setting doesn't
> help the problem. I also noticed that the temprature gauge is 
> slowly fluctuating between the actual cooling temp and cold
> when the system acts up, it's constant otherwise.

I had the same problem in my 1990 200 this winter except that
the temp gauge worked OK. It turned out to be the control unit
for the climate control, about $600 and 1.5 hrs labor. Fortunately,
the warranty covered it for me. The mechanic told me that the
most common failure is a spring on one of the flaps or the motors
driving the flaps.

Good luck.

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