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Need some Net wisdom re: Tires.....

After getting stuck 3 times on the way to work yesterday. :-( (might have something
to do with only having a 32nd or so of tread left on 4 Michelin MXV2's) I've decided 
I can't wait till the summer to buy new tires.   After consulting my audi-mail
about 2 megs worth!!  I found what looks like the two all-season tires of choice
Pirelli P500 and Comp T/A VR4 (or in my case HR4) My question is how quiet are
they on the highway ?  I had some P77 on a CRX and it was like driving a tank! LOUD!
Are the Comp T/A's loud ? I was looking thru the Tire Rack and the P500 205/60/HR15 
are 78.- and 225/60/HR15's for 80.- I'd like the wider tire, but is it gonna make a
drastic difference in the snow ?  The Comp T/A's are 90.- a piece, so I'm kinda
leaning towards the Pirelli's,  Any opions guy's and gals ? also, the pirreli has 
40k warranty, what about the comp T/A ? anybody know ?

Oh, Almost forgot, I have an 89 100 non-quattro, the current tires are 205/60/15.

Thanks for your time!

Mike La Rosa Computervision Corp.