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Re: Need some Net wisdom re: Tires.....

    I have Pirelli P500's on my 5000 CSQ.  They don't seem to make a lot
    of noise.  When switching from Yokohama AVS A+4's to the Pirelli's I
    didn't notice any major change in handling.  I suspect based on
    having test driven another 5000 CSQ with MXV2's on, for a friend who
    wanted to (and did) buy it, that you'll like the handling much more
    with the Pirelli's.  That car was a lot more vague than mine (I
    drove mine to the test drive).  I drive snowy mountain roads to work
    in the winter, and found the Pirelli's to be completely adequate.  I
    never got stuck and never slid off the road, or even close.  My wife
    slid off though, more as a result of following somebody during a
    very heavy snow storm who didn't turn when the road did than
    anything else.  She didn't get stuck though.

    I don't have any opinion or knowledge of the other tire.


			Marty Halvorson