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Engine OK readout !!!

I test-drove an '89 100 Quattro yesterday and found two things I have to 
ask advise about:

1)  When you start the car there is a little readout that tells you that 
everything is OK.  Well, the first time I started up the car I saw four 
horizontal lines going accross the display, another time little patterns 
(patches of light) that were lit up; is this normal or what is wrong with 
it?  (The third time I started the car I got the usual OK signal and I 
could later see my radio station readout).  Is there a cheap and easy way 
to fix this or should I stay away from the car?

2)  There was a clicking sound below the left side of the dash board.  The 
guy told me it is because I had the seat warmers turned up.  Is this the 
way it should be?