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See what Audi of America can or cannot do.

Well Folks,

Some weeks ago, I posted about my problem on my '87 5000S, the usual:

	(1) leaking rack  and what else but (2) leaking heater core.

The dealer I bought the car (used) from said Audi will replace/fix
the rack and the heater core for about $750.

I guess Audi is cutting me a deal here for both, I just hope the problems
will be fixed cleanly.

Oh, has anyone had any information on the hazard of breathing coolant vapor
from the leaking heater core ??  I read the warning label on the back of 
a bottle of Preston, it says all sorts of nasty things can happen when one
breathes in the vapor (in concentrated form ??).

Is there an easy way to clean off coolant residuals from the vents other
than taking the vents/hoses apart ??

						Tak Cheung