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News about German performance cars

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From: qazi@csd4.csd.uwm.edu (Aamir Hafeez Qazi)
Newsgroups: rec.autos
Subject: News about German performance cars
Date: 21 Mar 1993 03:11:29 GMT

Some new stuff:

  Audi is offering its 4.2 litre V8 in the 100-based S4 sedan and wagon.
  It is slightly faster that the turbocharged-five-powered S4, but it won't
  be offered in the US.  As an aside, I sped through an article in Fast Lane UK
  about the Audi V8, and they said that it has horrible steering that required
  constant correction, and that the car had trouble maintaining a straight
  course on a freeway, which Car and Driver also noticed recently.  Could this
  be attributed to Servotronic steering?  When Audi was asked by Fast Lane why
  they continued to use inferior Servotronic variable-assist steering, they
  replied "BMW uses it."