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What status does Audi have? Q. to US people.

Hi All of You Audi Fans!

I know that the Porsche and the Mercedes Benz are high status cars (and are well
known) in the US. And I know that even Volvo and SAAB have some degree of status
in the US. Even tough I can't see what makes them so special. Here in Sweden the
Volvo and SAAB cars are so common that they are not considered as exclusive cars.
It seems that every 'Svensson' has one, Volvo or SAAB.

But to my question; how does the Audi cars rank in the US? Are they high or medium
(or low) status cars? How well known are they to the ordinary people in the US?
What makes you (Audi owners) like your Audi? I'm just curious about this.

Here in Sweden high status cars are; large Audi's, BMW, M.B., Fast American cars
(even tough they don't seem to have the same performance at rounding of curves as
the european cars have 8-), Lotus. And in some extent the most powerful SAAB 9000.
And, of course, Ferrari and Lambourghini (but they are not so common as the other
cars mentioned).

Oddly enough the Porsche has lost much of its value here in Sweden, maybe because
many of the (stock)brokers did bye one (in the happy 80's) and now there are plenty
of them here.

Pekka Akselin
PS. My car is an Audi 80 CD, 5 cyl. 115 hp (DIN), not much compared to a Quattro
but it is an Audi and I love my 'baby'!