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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #11

AudiWatch Update #11, 4-2-93

_Autoweek_, 3-15-93


  Volkswagen is on the verge of a major mangerial reorganization
and reportedly is trying to court GM's controversial, cost-cutting
purchasing boss, Igmacio Lopez, for the No.3 post at VW, that of
international production manager.
  GM chief Jack Smith confirmed that VW is wooing Lopez.
"They need him. He's a major player in the auto industry today,"
Smith was quoted, adding, however, that he's been assured by Lopez
that he plans to stay with GM. The company recently promoted
Lopez, making him one of GM's nine top-ranked executives.


  Martin Josephi, president of Volkswagen de Mexico, will resign as
of June 30. He reportedly will stay in Mexico to persue real estate
interests and turned down an offer to manage a VW production plant
in Germany. His replacement hasn't been named, but is expected to
come from within VW.


  The Porsche 911 GT Le-Mans will be entered at Le-Mans and
Sebring by Brumos Racing. Built to the new Le-Mans rules for
GT production-based cars, the specially made 911 features a
twin-turbo 3.2-liter, air-cooled flat six and weighs just
2400 pounds. Drivers in both events will include Walter
Ro"hrl, Hans Stuck and Hurley Haywood, (all of Quattro
Pro-Rally, Trans-Am and IMSA Championship fame, Ed.) who's
marking the 20th anniversary of his first Sebring victory.

AUDIs of interest FOR SALE:

AUDI Ur QUATTRO, 1983, 43k miles, black/black leather,
Euro lights, excellent condition, call Ken at 508-425-4319. MA

AUDI Ur QUATTRO, 1982 World Champion AUDI Quattro
Rally Car, Michelle Mouton/John Buffum, Pikes Peak Class
Winner, $70,000. Contact Chris 203-775-7834/d 203-354-8652/e. CT

AUDI Ur Quattro, 1983 - orig owner, CA car, 110kmi, Gold/Choc,
lthr, xlnt cond. $10k/OBO, 818-790-8137 CA

AUDI Ur Quattro, 1983, 4WD, 46k orig. mi., White/Tan Chocolate,
like new, $20k, 818-340-6272 CA

AUDI Ur Quattro, 1983, Silver/Brown cloth, 83k mi., Yok. AVS Int,
well maint, $7k/OBO, 301-384-3455/d MD

AUDI Ur Quattro, 1984, Red/Oyster, orig. owner, 60k mi., AZ car,
Finest example in country, many extras, $18k 602-991-1871 AZ

-glen, Vorsprung durch Technik!