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Re: Sunroof and Tune-up

> My sunroof 87 5000 TQ  is acting a bit slow of late and I would 
> appreciate suggestions as where to lube  it I can see the two tracks... 
> but what about cables?  Where is that expensive little motor?  I hope to 
> make the roof open easier to relieve strain on the $350 > + $$$ motor.  

I also have a similar problem on my `85 4000 CS Quattro (95K miles): the 
motor seems to have gotten weaker and weaker.  Now, in order to get the
sunroof to close, I have to hold the little wind spoiler down, otherwise 
the motor can't handle it.  Is this to be expected at this age and mileage?  
Is a new motor inevitable?



Erich Nahum                            Department of Computer Science     
Networking and Performance Group       University of Massachusetts at Amherst
nahum@cs.umass.edu                     Amherst, MA 01003