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Re: Sunroof and Tune-up


> From: nahum@unix1.cs.umass.edu (Erich M. Nahum)
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> Subject: Re:  Sunroof and Tune-up
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> > My sunroof 87 5000 TQ  is acting a bit slow of late and I would 
> > appreciate suggestions as where to lube  it I can see the two tracks... 
> > but what about cables?  Where is that expensive little motor?  I hope to 
> > make the roof open easier to relieve strain on the $350 > + $$$ motor.  
> I also have a similar problem on my `85 4000 CS Quattro (95K miles): the 
> motor seems to have gotten weaker and weaker.  Now, in order to get the
> sunroof to close, I have to hold the little wind spoiler down, otherwise 
> the motor can't handle it.  Is this to be expected at this age and mileage?  
I wonder how many miles are on the sunroof? :)

The guilty culprit is most likely a combination of things in the sunroof
mechanisims.  The sunroof itself is pushed and pulled by two cables
that look like bottle brushes.  The brushes in the cable look like
they are meant to hold grease for lubrication.  These cables wear out
and lose the lubrication.  The roof also rides on slides that get worn
and dry as well.  I have the factory manual that shows the exploded
assembly.  The roof on our 84 4000SQ had similar problems as you described.
I purchased new slides and cables from the dealer.  It was over $100 as
a recall doing this a couple of years ago.
The dealer wanted almost $400 to the repair.  If you try it yourself
I recommend the factory manual, or equivalent.
  	Yours may not need new parts just a partial disassembly, cleaning,
and lubricating.  Be carefull not to use a petrolium based lubricant
as the brushes in the cables are plastic (maybe nylon).  

Carl DeSousa

> Is a new motor inevitable?
> Thanks,
> -Erich
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