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Re: Sunroof and Tune-up

> From: Jason Douglas (jdouglas@mitre.org) <m17108@mwunix.mitre.org>
> Please , how long does it take for a complete overhaul of the sunroof? (i.e.,> replace slides and cables)   Can a
> weekend mechanic do it in one night?  One day?

Give yourself a day to work on it.  There's nothing worse than trying to 
rush something that needs to be done correctly.  You know how it goes,
lose one screw, and you could be set back a day. :)

But it depends on your mechanical adebtness, and if you have the factory
manual. The dealer recommended that I not attempt it myself.  It took me a 
couple of hours to take it apart using an electric screw driver.  Then, I 
found I needed a new cable and put it back together since I'd run out of time
and had to get the part from the dealer.
	Second time around, it was pretty simple.  I spent about 3-4 hours
total but I had a lot of distractions like neighbors coming over wanting
to chat etc...  The roof has worked well for a couple of years now.

Good luck,
Carl DeSousa

> Thanks
> Jason (jdouglas@mitre.org)
> 86 5000S, 87 Vanagon

; Carl DeSousa