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RE: insurance on 93 90s

I don't know about RI, but in Mass, $4K would probably be about right if you
don't have safe driver credits, etc.  Try raising your deductible to $1000
if the Lease company allows... that should help. Also make sure you are
comparing identical coverages...  Perhaps you live in an area officially
identified (for insurance purposes) as "unsafe" for cars?

To your question about Liberty Mutual...I have had two experiences in dealing
with Liberty Mutual, both bad:

In both instances I was "victim" of accidents caused by people insured
through Liberty.  In both cases Liberty was extremely slow in resolution and
subsequent payoff.  We're talking 9 months in one case (I was hit by someone
who crossed the center line and was cited - so it isn't a case where any
doubt was involved!).  One year in the other case, where I was hit while in a
parking log (I was parked).

Thus proving that in most cases you get what you pay for...

Good luck,

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I'm thinking of getting a 90s and I already put a deposit on it.
But, I couldn't get a good insurance rate. For one, I just move
to RI and the company I have in NY doesn't operate in this state.
So, I have to get a new policy and all of them are asking for more
than $4000/year YUCK! (That's comprehensive)

One company, named Liberty Mutual, quated me for $2305/year. This
is strange since the others are asking twice as much. Does anybody
know about this company reputation? 

Does VW/Audi America bank sell auto insurance to people who are
leasing their car?

Thanks in advance.



I hope there is an insurance agent out there in this net who can
give a good advice :-)