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Re: insurance on 93 90s

Sorry, I'm not an agent, but I have some experience
with Liberty Mutual and Audis!

$4000 seems excessive. When I got my new 91 Coupe Quattro,
full coverage in Mass cost about $2000, and I have a few points
on my record. Do you have a lot of accidents and tickets in 
your driving history? Are you getting very high limits?
How about raising your deductables a bit?
In RI, differnet companies can quote different rates,
unlike here in Mass where auto insurance is regulated and
all companies must quote the same price.

I never heard of VW/Audi extending auto insurance.
If I was you, call as many insurance companies as possible
to get the best price. Also, ask the dealership's auto body manager 
for recommdations. He'll have first hand experience with most
of the compaines, and can steer you towards a company with the best
service when you do have an accident.

As far as Liberty goes, I was also a client until I had a minor 
parking lot accident on my brand new Coupe 2 years ago. I had to 
fight tooth and nail for months with Liberty to get enough to
have it "properly" fixed. I now have Traveler's and I am 
very happy with them. 

Another hint: since RI only has 1 or 2 Audi dealers, 
you may want to call some Audi dealers here in Mass to see 
if you can get a better terms on the lease you want.
Try to negotiate the deposit, # of payments, amount per
payment, # of miles allowed per year, etc. You should
not just take the "standard" lease deal, you can do better
if you try, especially on an Audi. You can always lease the 
car here in Mass and register it in RI if you can get a better 
deal up here. Or you can go back to your RI dealer with the
better deal and ask if he is willing to "match it".

	-dave t.

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I'm thinking of getting a 90s and I already put a deposit on it.
But, I couldn't get a good insurance rate. For one, I just move
to RI and the company I have in NY doesn't operate in this state.
So, I have to get a new policy and all of them are asking for more
than $4000/year YUCK! (That's comprehensive)

One company, named Liberty Mutual, quated me for $2305/year. This
is strange since the others are asking twice as much. Does anybody
know about this company reputation? 

Does VW/Audi America bank sell auto insurance to people who are
leasing their car?

Thanks in advance.



I hope there is an insurance agent out there in this net who can
give a good advice :-)

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