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Re: insurance on 93 90s

i have safeco insurance here for the 2 cars and the house.. they
offered substantial discounts for lots of stuff like airbag, abs etc.

when i bought the v8 the rate was $800+ per year (not per half year)
with 1 speeding ticket each between the two of us. then when we got
the corrado they took us to the cleaners (somewhat) and charged $1600
for it.. (the previous car cost about $600+) while the v8 gradually
rose to about $1200 over the years.. (nice how the insurance goes up
while the car is probably worth half of new now)

in retrospect safeco has been pretty good.  the check for a broken
windshield arrived before the credit card bill was due.  i was
impressed,  but i guess i was upset then for them jacking up rates
on the corrado.

also when i went shopping for insurance, i found that their rates for
the v8 by far blew everybody else away.. state farm wanted $2K for
example.  so even with the corrado surcharge, i was ahead.