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Re: insurance on 93 90s

I had a claim against Liberty Mutual last year; one of their insured
made an illegal left turn into my 2002.  Tooth and nail describes the
effort needed to get them to payup.

On the other hand, I have Allstate.  Because I had comprehensive on the
car Allstate covered most of my loss with a check in less than a week.
Amazing, given that a heavily modified 2002 has no book value and that
market value takes much more effort to determine.

I later found out that Allstate had to go into subrogation with Liberty
Mutual, and it still took four months of badgering to get them to pay.

I have other good Allstate stories.

For me, Allstate rate have always been competative.

I would talk with whomever handles your homeowners/renters insurance.
Many places give multi-policy discounts.