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Re: OXS sensor and water leak

Hello Tiag,

This mesesage pertains only to the OXY Sensor light reseting procedure
for 84 AUDI 5000S.

I have the exact Model car (84 Audi 5000s w/ FI), and have done the operation
to reset the OXY light sensor. I am not sure how familar you are with the
car, so I'll try to be as detailed as possible.

First you will need to pull the horn button off the steering wheel.  You do
this by pulling pretty hard at the corners of the Horn button, one at the 
time, near the four spokes. After you remove the plastic piece, you'll see a
large exposed nut about 5/8 inch that holds the steering wheel to the
steering column. You'll need to remove this and take off the steering wheel.

The steering wheel needs to come off because you'll need to remove instrument
pod containing the four gauges (fuel,speed,tach,and temp).  You can do this by
removing two screws that retains the pod to the dash.

After the two screws are out, you can GENTLY slide the instrumental pod out
for about .5 - 1 inch.  You'll see a (gray) cable (and connector) connected to
the Tach.  Follow this cable through the firewall, and it should end at
a connector going in the Transmission.  This cable is what limits your
removal of the pod at this point.

Turn and remove the connector at the Transmission end, and feed the cable into
the firewall for about 2-3 inches. This will give you the slack you need to
pull the instrument pod with the rear in view.

At this point in time, you can remove the four electrical connectors and the
connector that connects the speedo cable to the pod, depending on how much
room you have (and need to work with).

The Oxygen sensor reset switch is located in the rear of the speedo assembly
on the top (near 12 o'clock) position.  It is a slit that with marking
OXY next to it.  You need to take a small flat-tipped screw driver, and push
it gently until you hear something like a unlatching spring and a short
whirring noise resetting the switch (and OXY odometer).

At this point, you're done with resetting the OXY switch. You can verify this
by connecting all the electrical connectors and switch the ignition switch to
on (but not starting the engine!) At this point, your oxygen sensor
replacement reminder light should be off and good for another 30K Miles.

You'll need to do the reverse steps to put everything back.
Make sure you tighten that steering wheel nut!

I am providing this information to inform you what is involved.
You may or may not feel comfortable doing it, so use your judgement.
(my disclaimer)

One editoral comment I have is that in the 84-89 Audi Factory Service Manual
it shows a OXY light switch beneath the OXY light (for 84 Model). I found no
such switch in the car, and was initally extremely fustrated until I removed
the entire instrument pod.  You may want to check it to see if one exists
for your friend's 84 Audi.

Hope this helps,