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Re: OXS sensor and water leak

Scott gave a great description of how to disassemble your dash to get at the
oxygen sensor reset switch  and says ...

>on (but not starting the engine!) At this point, your oxygen sensor
>replacement reminder light should be off and good for another 30K Miles.

I'd like to offer one more suggestion - after you go through the trouble 
to rip apart you dash board to press a stupid little button, make sure
it's the last time you have to do it. REMOVE THE DARN OXY BULB FROM THE 

I'm sure that everyone has heard by now that the oxygen sensor does NOT
need to replaced every 30K miles.  I have replaced mine once in 110K
miles, and am sure glad that I haven't had to rip my dashboard apart
every 30K miles just to turn off some dumb idiot light.

My $.02

- Jim