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Replacing bulb in dash?

I have a 1990 80 Quattro, with three gauges (voltage, oil temp, oil
pressure) in the center console (below the radio and climate control).
The problem is that the little light in the right gauge has burnt out.
I can remove the center console, exposing the rear of the gauges, and
can see the wires which go to the light, but I can not figure out how
to get the bulb out.  I expected that I would have to twist the black
"holder", it would come out, and I would replace it and have a working
light.  However, it does not seem to want to come out.  Has anyone
replaced a bulb in a gauge like this?  if so, can you tell me how to
get the bulb out?  do I have push and twist?  twist harder (which
way?)?  I appreciate any pointers...

		Jim Jensen
		(410) 379-0671