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Re: OXS and water leak

Standard VW/Audi practice is to run a speedo cable from the tranny to a little
box, and then a second cable from the box to the speedo.  The box has a button
on it for OXS light reset.  Don't remember where it is hidden on the 5000, but
I think its behind something in the general area of the rear driver side 
corner of the engine compartment or between the firewalls. Follow the cable
from the tranny.

Reading rec.autos.vw suggests many Golfs and Jettas get clogs in the hoses that
drain rainwater from the sunroof opening.  Usual symptoms are wet floors BEHIND
the driver's seat.  Maybe this is your problem and, in the 5000, the water dumps
in a different place.  The other possibility (also from r.a.vw) is that the
plastic membrane between the inside trim panel and the actual door is loose
or has a hole in it.

Jason (jdouglas@mitre.org)

It's not a car, it's a Vanagon.